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Debbie Hirte and Fiona Alexander laughing

Founders Debbie Hirte and Fiona Alexander

Our story

We are passionate educators based in Perth, Australia, with over 50 years of combined experience in government, independent, and international schooling systems.


During this time, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of neurodiverse students and families, helping them understand their unique brain wiring and empowering them to value their own uniqueness. Our commitment to supporting neurodiverse students led us to pursue training as ADHD coaches through the ADHD Coaching Academy in New York (ADDCA). We focus on developing Executive Functioning Skills, such as time management, motivation, self-confidence, procrastination and self-awareness, to proactively support our clients in achieving their goals. 

At REACH, based in Perth, Australia, we provide a professional, caring, and safe coaching environment to help our clients with ADHD achieve their goals.

Our holistic approach focuses on the following:

  • Understanding each individual's unique brain-wiring

  • Exploring the challenges that may be related to ADHD

  • Developing an understanding of executive functioning

  • Facilitating personal growth Identifying individual strengths

  • Working in partnership to develop habits that reflect core values and identity

  • Empowering our clients to understand their processing styles and unique needs

  • Advocating for themselves at school, work, and in relationships

  • Our personalised support and evidence-based techniques will help you develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed in all areas of your life.


At REACH, we ensure that you feel unconditional acceptance and a powerful appreciation of your capabilities leading you to make conscious choices towards a meaningful, rewarding life.


As your coach and champion, we will help you uncover new strategies and develop a bold vision of what’s possible.

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