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Child Coaching

At REACH ADHD Coaching and Consultancy, we empower children with ADHD by helping them understand their unique brain wiring and uncover their strengths. Through compassionate guidance and tailored strategies, we enable them to gain control over their capabilities and overcome challenges. We collaborate with families to create a unified approach that supports children at school and home, freeing them from feelings of inadequacy and frustration.


Our utmost priority is to provide an environment of unconditional acceptance where clients feel valued and appreciated. We believe in each individual's inherent strengths and are dedicated to helping them unlock their full capabilities for a meaningful and fulfilling life. We offer gradual progress through six weekly or fortnightly sessions, ensuring continuous support and guidance during difficult moments and facilitating personal growth and fulfilment.

Child looking out to the horizon
Silhouette of child on the beach, holding his hands up, hugging the sun
Structure of sessions

Initial Consultation:  During our initial consultation, we prioritise understanding the motivations behind seeking support. We provide a safe space for clients to openly discuss topics that are relevant and important to them, including family dynamics, work-related concerns, school experiences, social interactions, and relationships. We also discuss the logistics for future sessions, such as session frequency, suitable timings, and preferred meeting locations. Lastly, we begin identifying intentions, goals, or desired outcomes that will guide our work together.


Ongoing Sessions: these focus on nurturing a strong foundation of respect and trust while collaboratively developing actionable steps towards achieving your intentions and fostering positive outcomes. These intentions may evolve and change, and we adapt our approach accordingly. Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or as-needed basis to suit your individual needs. As our client, you will have convenient access to our Client Portal, where you can easily book sessions through our calendar and handle secure payments. Above all, we are deeply committed to being there for you every step of the way.

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