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In-House Professional Development 
ADHD In house training

Attention all business owners, educators, and government departments! Get ready to supercharge your team's skills with Debbie and Fiona's fantastic In-House Professional Development Sessions and Workshops, presented through ADHD WA. These expert presenters bring their years of teaching experience to the table, along with a passion for helping people better understand ADHD.
During these sessions, your team will gain invaluable insights into neurodivergence in the workplace and discover evidence-based, factual, up-to-date ADHD research. Plus, they'll learn practical skills for supporting those who live and work with ADHD.
Forget the myths and stereotypes - Debbie and Fiona use academic research and expertise to debunk misconceptions and foster an empathetic, destigmatizing, strengths-based mindset around ADHD and neurodivergence in general. The Professional Advisory Body of ADHD WA signs off all the content, so you can trust that you're getting top-notch information.
Whether you're a school, a small business, or a large corporation, Debbie and Fiona can cater to your needs. Don't wait - click the link to book your session today and watch your team's understanding and skills soar to new heights!

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Parent  Program Coming soon

Debbie and Fiona's ADHD Parenting Program is designed to help parents gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and how to best support their child. The course is offered both online and in-person, so even if you missed the face-to-face sessions, you can still access the program and benefit from the expertise of Debbie and Fiona. Their goal is to provide the tools and strategies needed to help parents and their children succeed.

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