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REACH ADHD Coaching is partnering with ADHD WA with a Parenting Course

Updated: May 8, 2023

Parent 6 Week Program

Next Course starting 1st May

Get ready for an incredible opportunity!

Family support for ADHD
Parenting support for ADHD

Debbie and Fiona from REACH ADHD Coaching and Consultancy, Perth, Australia, are teaming up to present six sessions of a Parenting Course through ADHD WA that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. With their expert guidance, you'll gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges of ADHD and learn how to tap into the amazing superpowers that come with it.

ADHD written on piece of paper
ADHD Support

Throughout the course, you'll discover proven strategies for raising awareness of ADHD behaviours and increasing the likelihood of desired behaviours. You'll also learn to respond confidently to challenging and undesired behaviours and discover the power of exploring and reinforcing positive behaviours.

A boy hiding behind an ADHD sign
Help your child with ADHD

By the end of the workshop series, you'll have a whole new perspective on ADHD and be equipped with the tools you need to help your child thrive. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to connect with other parents and unlock your child's full potential!

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